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AHH Foundation Masterclass - Optional

Angel Harmonic Healing Foundation Masterclass

Times (may vary) 10am - 4pm 


Some students may feel that they would like some training before they begin the AHH practitioners courses. To gain more knowledge of the angelic kingdom and to experience the touch of the angels for themselves.

(This masterclass can also be attended by those that do not wish to take AHH but are just interested in taking a masterclass for personal use) 

A relaxing and informal afternoon which will prepare you for the Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioner Course.During the masterclass, you will engage in beautiful angel meditations and spiritual exercises especially designed to slowly raise your awareness and higher your vibrations. You will become familiar with the angels and how they work; receive information about your guides and your guardian angels.

This masterclass may not be needed if you feel your knowledge of angels is enough for you to take AHH level 1.

These masterclasses are run when and if they are needed and won't be entered onto the diary of events. Contact us to discuss a date or to inquire if there is a masterclass date already set.

Masterclasses are for groups of a minimum of 2 students.