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Angel Harmonic FAQs

What is Angel Harmonic Healing?

Angel Harmonic Healing is a very gentle non-denominational form of spiritual healing that involves working with the highest of angelic realms, to heal and bring back balance on many levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is the difference between Angel Harmonic Healing and other healing systems?

With Angel Harmonic Healing, the healer becomes an energy channel or pathway for the highest of Angelic Vibrations. A beautiful, gentle energy that helps to heal everything that is and everything that isn’t. The vibrational healing comes from the oldest, wisest and most powerful of our angels; The Archangels.  There are no complicated routines or complicated symbols to remember, just simply healing with the Archangels.

How was Angel Harmonic Healing Developed?

It was channeled through to Jennifer from Spirit and also Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Michael during meditations and healing sessions in 2008, brought in Archangel Raphael's healing vibrational advice to complete the treatment. This information comes from the same place that the more famous "Angel" or spiritual teachers get their information and direction from.

I would like to learn how to give Angel Harmonic Healing?

Courses in A.H.H. are held regularly at Healing Waters Academy near Worcester. There are 3 levels and is easy to learn without any complicated routines or symbols. We teach you to heal simply with Angels!

Our Angel Harmonic Healing courses are down to earth and provide you with a strong foundation in real Angel Energy Healing Training. Our teaching style is simple, light, and fun....  See here for more details. We are down to earth teachers with extensive experience in energy healing and angels. 

  • Level 1 and 1a gracefully opens the new healer to the gentle vibrations of Angel Harmonic Healing, and at this level you can begin to heal and help others.
  • Level 2 increases the channel and allows even more light and vibration to the healer. Allowing multi dimensional energies to help heal and rebalance all that is and all that isn’t. Healing the within and the without.
  • Level 3 Supreme Master/Teacher is taught as part of the Beacons of Light Programme

I feel I don't know enough about Angels to take the AHH Practitioners Course, what can I do?

We have a foundation master class that you may attend. However these will only be run when a student(s) request these master classes and will not be normally shown on the diary of events. Classes are run with 2 or more students, one on one training is also available.

Will I have to do case studies for my Practitioners Diploma?

Yes, you will need to provide 9 case studies and complete both levels 1 and 1a to be issued with your AHH Practitioners Diploma

How many Students attend each courses at one time?

A maximun of 6 students only take the course at any one time.

I've heard a little about grounding and protection, auras and chakras, will I be taught these?

Yes, this is basic core spiritual work and it will be cover over the weekend, you will be taught all you need to begin your journey as a healer. Some of this needs home study which is covered in your comprehensive course manuel.

What happens if I don't feel confident to give treatments after the course, or I feel I need more training, what can I do?

You can if you wish take the level again if you feel that you need extra training etc. This is provided as a free of charge service, as long as there are places available on the course date. There is also regular Blessing Circles that you can attend to ease you into healing if you feel a little daunted!

AHH Treatments

What does a treatment feel like?

It’s a feeling of being wrapped in the loving comfort of your angels' wings. Both the healer and the client receives an A.H.H treatment. Gentle heat or coolness is often felt from the practitioners' hands. Also sensations of tingling and gentle energy flow are also experienced. Overall the receiver feels a deep sense of peace and relaxation. However everyones' treatment is totally unique to them. Whatever healing the client receives, will be what is most need for that person at that time.

Is A.H.H safe?

Angel Harmonic Healing heals naturally, and with the help and guidance of the angelic realms, imbalances and illness are dissolved to make room for a positive change in the receivers’ physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. A profound healing on many levels of consciousness takes place. Angel Harmonic Healing helps to balance the whole person, within and without.

Who can benefit?

Angel Harmonic Healing is beneficial for everyone, including pregnant women, children, babies and even animals. 

I'm taking medication from my doctor, will I have to stop taking it?

Angel Harmonic Healing can be used alongside conventional medicine and also any other holistic therapies.  An A.H.H practitioner never diagnoses and will always suggest that you seek medical advice before ceasing any prescription medication.

What happens at an A.H.H. Treatment?

There is a consultation betweeen the receiver and the practitioner to discuss the treatment. There will be time for questions and answers and also the treatment will be fully explained. The treatment can be given either sitting in a chair or lying down on a treatment couch. The receiver remains fully clothed during the treatment with only shoes being asked to be removed.

The hands of the A.H.H. practitioner are gently placed on various (non intrusive) points of the receivers body.  Angel Harmonic Healing is then channelled through the healer’s hands, flowing to the area (within or without the body) that most needs it. 

How long is an A.H.H. treatment and how much does it cost?

A.H.H. treatments normally take around an hour. However the healing itself may continue to be activated for up to a month after the treatment. The price of an A.H.H. treatment is £30 per session.

How many treatments will I need?

This obviously depends upon the individual, where dis-ease or illness is deep rooted, several sessions may be necessary.  As A.H.H. is such a gentle, relaxing experience, many like to return for healing and relaxation long after the illness or dis-ease has cleared.

Do I have to have something wrong with me before I can have an A.H.H Treatment?

No of course not, Angel Harmonic Healing is for everyone and everything. It is fantastic for relaxation and of course it will heighten your consciousness and spirituality too!

Do I have to believe in Angels for it to work?

No, A.H.H isn't faith healing. It will work whether you believe in Angels or not.