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Healing Waters Healing Blessing Circles /Shares 

Healing Waters ~ Healing Circles

(Healing Waters circles are combined with Angel Harmonic Healing, Cosmic Alignment Technique, Sacred Moon Healing, Aura Massage and Reiki.)

For A.H.H, C.A.T, Reiki Practitioners and also those wishing to receive healing or are interested in taking AHH, CAT and Reiki etc are welcome. 

Held at various times throughout the year at HWA at £7

Saturday afternoon ~ 2pm - 4pm 

Thursday evening share 7.30 - 9.30pm

Contact us for details of the next Healing /Blessing Circle

(By appointment only)

HWA Healing & Blessing Circles/Shares- FAQs

Where are they held?

  • Healing Blessing Circles / Shares are held at Healing Waters Academy, Worcester UK
  • AHH practitioners also hold their own blessing circles around he UK and Europe..

Who can attend?
  • Anyone interested in the Angelic Ones and Spiritual Healing
  • Anyone that are interested in taking A.H.H training are invited to attend.
  • Those who would like to receive a mini AHH share treatment ~ Angelic healing and take part in the blessing circle

What happens at Blessing Circles?

  • The focus is obviously on healing, with distance healing and blessings being sent, plus meditations and other exercises during the share.
  • Healing is shared by giving a mini treatment.
  • It’s especially useful for those who have limited experience of using their Healing

Is it all very deep and serious?

  • No, although Healing and the spiritual realms are taken seriously, the shares are relaxed, light and fun.
  • It’s all about taking time out for yourself ... so we should have fun doing it!

Why isn't the date shown in the Diary of Events?

  • The shares are normally only open to those that have visited HWA for courses and those interested in taking a healing course. 

What do I have to do to book?

  • Email to check availability

Do I have to attend every circle?

  •  No, however a certain amount of commitment is required to keep your local circle going.

How much does it cost?

  • £7 per session and includes light refreshments during the afternoon / evening session