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A Message from Archangel Chamuel

Vibrating gently on the pink ray, Archangel Chamuel gives a message.

Dearest ones, now it the time for all earth angels, lightworkers, men and women to join forces as one with the Angelic Realms and reconnect to the Kingdom of the Divine.

You have known for many of your years that we have been around you. You have known forever that we will one day become as one again. One soul... one purpose.

We the Angelic ones, call upon you, earth angels and light workers to become as one soul. To begin to heal as one... to laugh as one.... to love as one.

There are many healing systems... there are none that are any more superior than another. They all heal. You will recognise the one for you... you may feel that you have been searching, but now you may have found it here amongst these pages. The web is a designed tool of the Divine, how else would the word have spread around your beautiful planet so quickly!

We are here amongst you, guiding you and bringing you further into the fold ... into the light. You have never really been away from us. Some of you may have felt this, some not. We are just a mere breathe away... a simple heart beat. Join us together as one and become connected in only the way souls can be connected...with joy and love.

Do not force the feeling that you have now at this very moment resonating within your heart, you already know the truth and the truth is simple.

Simply use your gifts that you have been given, expand on the knowledge that is available to you now; follow your soul’s vibration. Become as one.

Blessed be.