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Please note: Only those that have taken AHH training can become a member of the site.

AHH 2013 Training Dates

  • Angel Awareness Masterclass = Sunday 21st July
  • Foundation Masterclass = Date can be arranged to suit ~ contact HWA
  • AHH Level 1 = 6 & 7th July and also 9th & 10th Nov 2013 
  • AHH Level 1a = 28th July and Oct 26th
  • AHH Level 2 = 27th & 28th April
  • AHH Level 3 =TBA


Angel Harmonic Healing Student Testimonials

AHH Level 1a ~ Hi Jen, I just wanted to say how glad I am that you do the 1a Angel Harmonic Healing course. It was really beneficial to come back and have my queries answered along with hearing other people’s case studies and how they interpreted them. The meditations were just simply heaven; I have never been that deep before and really feel like my frequency is higher. I have more confidence now as I feel I have enough experience to offer help to others. Prior to 1a, I must admit that I did not feel ready. The exercises and words of advice on the practicalities, like doing something different on each appointment for your client is great and the workbook will be used all the time! With thanks. Caroline xx


AHH Level 1 ~ I had an amazing weekend on the AHH course; it didn't feel like a course. Jen is such a wonderful teacher and a great person, she made the whole experience enjoyable and I am so happy I was taught by her . I cannot praise her enough, Thank you. I can't wait for the next level. Lukesh - London


"What an amazing experience for Angel Harmonic Healing Level Two!! Nothing can prepare you for the exciting insights into the Angel World. Took us up to heights we thought we could not reach, and gave us amazing colours that you did not want to stop or leave you. Certainly felt the shift to the higher level! Makes you buzz from head to toe, leaving a feeling of peaceful and serenity." Sylvia Clay ~ Inkberrow


I have just completed my Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioner course with Jennifer. I had been searching for an 'Angel Teacher' for some time, and was drawn to Jen and her beautiful website. (My angels had steered me in this direction, of course). I had definitely made the right choice - Jen is warm, fun loving, and such a wonderful teacher. She is one of life's earth angels, and she ensured I had a wonderful time on the course. The energies were strong, vibrant, and yet gentle at the same time, as we worked closely with the angelic realms. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to feel the love of the angels as they walk along their own spiritual path. Alison Wynne-Ryder (Rescue Mediums)


A really wonderful weekend! Having worked with energy healing in various forms for many years now, I went to Jen's Angel Harmonic Healing weekend with a totally open mind. I was eager to find out more about the Angelic Realms and how different this type of healing might actually feel. I wasn't disappointed; the weekend was packed with information and practice. Jen knows her stuff; her manner is gentle but realistic and down to earth. My clients all comment on how gentle this healing feels and for me as the practitioner it's invigorating and healing too. Excellent value for money and a life changing experience in a beautiful setting! Jo - Swindon


Hi Jen

Everybody that receives A.H.H really enjoys it and wants more. I really enjoy giving it. I can't explain how it makes me feel. I felt really humble before when practiced spiritual healing but this is a lot bigger energy. Fantastic!


The training weekend was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed it and it all seemed to make sense! I wish I had found this years ago, Fantastic! Angel Harmonic Healing is much more satisfying than Reiki.


First class weekend I could not fault it ... except it went far to quickly.


The energies blew me away a bit it was very strong before I even started, it was when I powered up the grid and then when I was actually healing I felt as though I was in a tunnel and waves of colour were just streaming past me into my client, It was amazing and she saw colours too.


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On the front line....

... I knew a very powerful Archangel had stepped in, I felt they put fire onto the palms of my hands. The heat seemed to intensify...



Archangel Michael stood at her feet in magnificence! He spoke and said... ‘I am Michael; my wings are your protection, my shield as your barrier.’ He proceeded to help cut cords and surrounded us with his wings. He was taller and wider than the room (as normal)

Two angels stood at her side; at first I just thought they were overseeing her treatment... I saw her spiritual body rise out of her body and sit up... they began to work on her spine for a while ... then they placed their wings around each arm.

They lifted her to stand by the side of her earthly body and then slowly out of the room and up into air ... way up and then cocooned her in a beautiful yellow light... and slowly brought her back down and back into her body.

A very special treatment!!! Jen - Worcester


Healing Waters Academy

Professional Training for Holistics, The Healing Arts, Meditation & Spiritual Development


Cosmic Alignment Technique

There is an echo from the far corners of the universe, calling out to earth angels. C.A.T - Healing from a Higher Dimension.Professional Training available now.


ME, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Worcester Clinic Provides Breakthrough Treatment for ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Pain

Using the latest breakthroughs in biophysics-based medicine to identify and treat chronic diseases, the UpperStorey Care Clinic in Worcester provides alternative treatment therapies for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Pain.


Canine Angel - Nikki Brown

Nikki is fast becoming known as 'The UK Dog Whisperer' and has helped countless dogs and their owners to overcome both health and behavioural problems.

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Angel Harmonic Healing Crystal Grids


The packs are included in your course fee and are available to collect at your training course 

The pack comprises of 2 laminated sheets, one is a healing grid layout and on the reverse a diamond harmonic chart and the other AHH angel invocation, eight harmonic crystals and a pouch.

Contains eight AHH Crystals: Clear Quartz, Blue Agate, Yellow Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Milky Quartz, Tree Jasper, Ametrine, Lepidolite.

Please note: 

  • Grid patterns may vary.
  • Various pouch colours are available.
  • Only available for collection.